When you own more, a divorce is more complicated. If you are an affluent or “high net worth” individual in the State of California, you’ll need to learn how to keep what is yours in a divorce. For the tips and recommendations you may need to prepare for divorce, read here: https://www.sariehlawof...

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If a divorcing spouse doesn’t fully disclose all of his or her properties and assets, the other spouse could be cheated out of what is legally his or hers. If your spouse tries to deceive the court regarding his or her finances, learn how you can prove it by reading here: https://www.sariehlawoff...

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5 months ago
I was referred to Mr. Sarieh by one of his former clients when I had realized how poor my representation was with my first attorney. My case was complicated and involved two Interspousal Transfer Grant Deeds for my separate property that my ex was contesting. Whereas my first attorney told me simply that the property issues were complicated, would make my case difficult, and encouraged me to settle, Mr. Sarieh was able to explain case law (that he was involved in no less) that supported my case and assured me that he could successfully take on my case. He did just that and more. Through several court delays and circumstances created by the pandemic, Mr. Sarieh remained steadfast in working on my case. His selection of forensic accountant, Greg Raffaele from CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics Inc., was exactly what was needed to prove my case in court. The court agreed that all of the documentation we had supported my separate property as being just that. The court also agreed with ...
- Melissa S
a year ago
We retained Wail Sarieh to help us out with what had been a contentious, incredibly confusing, and emotionally draining two-year long divorce process for my elderly father. Our situation was unique in that our father and his wife both suffered from dementia and were not active participants in the process. We had been working with another attorney for almost two years but there had not been any movement in our father’s case for a long period of time. Negotiations had stalled because there was a lack of communication from the other side, and both sides were struggling to divide properties and assets accumulated during and before their marriage. We needed to find an attorney that could pick up the pieces and get the ball moving in this divorce case so our father could enjoy his remaining years. We found that and more in Wail and his staff. Wail was invaluable in helping us get to a very fair settlement in very little time. Wail is incredibly intelligent, professional, driven, and toug...
- Jeff H
2 years ago
Wail is an excellent family law attorney. He is very well-versed in the law and is great in the courtroom. He gives all of his clients the utmost attention and makes them feel comfortable from day one. Wail’s years of experience and assertive demeanor make him the perfect choice for a divorce attorney.
- Sabrina D

Family Lawyer Known For Getting Results

Skilled divorce attorney in Orange County, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas with over 10 years of experience concentrating in family law, helping clients find common ground with their loved ones. 

Dealing with family issues can be a very emotional experience, but these fairly complex emotions can lead to terrible decisions in this heated time. All too many people make unnecessary, spur of the moment decisions to avoid drama with their loved ones during family lawsuits, but end up putting themselves in worse-off positions in the future.  

Sarieh Law Offices, ALC in Santa Ana, CA provides a safe haven for people who are experiencing the turmoil of either a divorce, a child custody case, a domestic violence case, or any other family litigation issues. The attorneys that work under our firm, Wail Sarieh and Ken Holder, understand that clients not only need support throughout these difficult times, but they also need sound legal advice and a clear strategy to help them move forward.  

With over a decade of family law experience, Sarieh Law Offices, ALC has earned its title as AVVO Client’s Choice for family law matters—and this goes without saying! Clients rave about how our law firm has positively changed their lives by helping make this transition from one point of their lives to another in a smooth, fair, and just way.  

How Can Hiring a Santa Ana Family Law Attorney Help Me? 

Trusting a well-known, well-versed family law attorney can make all the difference in your case, no matter the type of family case it is. Many people report that times of divorce, custody battles, asset division, and even child support cases can add a level of stress to their lives that they’ve never experienced before. After all, you are battling for long term changes in your life with people that you care(d) for deeply.

 Family lawyers understand the complexities of these types of cases, so they are sure to approach each individual case with compassion, care, and unwavering focus to make sure that you receive the results you desire in court. Attorney Wail Sarieh and Ken Holder are well-versed in the family law practice area, which makes them a great resource to call upon when you need honest legal advice, assistance with courtroom deadlines and procedures, or drafting paperwork to solidify these new changes in your life.  

If you’re interested in learning about whether one of our Santa Ana, CA family lawyers may be able to help you, take a look at the practice areas that they’re the most popular for: 

Adoption Cases  

Adoption is one of the most beautiful ways that a family can grow, but it does have its complications as well. In fact, adoptions in the U.S. can be very difficult to maneuver on your own. Working with a certified family lawyer like Wail Sarieh or Ken Holder can help protect your family’s interest as they strive to bring about the best possible outcome to your situation, whether you’re an adoptive family or the birth family.  

Child Custody Cases 

Custody cases are emotional in themselves to each of the parents and in most cases, the children involved as well. After all, it’s nearly impossible to imagine dividing the time that you have to be around one of the most precious people in the world to you—your child. Having an experienced family law attorney can provide a sense of confidence because you know that they are working in your best interest to ensure that the custody agreement is favorable and fair. 

Child Support Cases 

Money is never an easy topic to discuss, but this is especially true when the parties involved have history together. Here at Sarieh Law Offices, our attorneys are available to help parents get the child support their family needs for the first time, or we can help other parents amend existing child support agreements to better fit their family’s needs. If child support cases become more complicated by including custody issues, divorce, adoptions, etc., our attorneys are well-versed in family law and ready to work for you!  

Divorce Cases 

One of the most emotional types of family law is divorce cases. Both parties can become angsty, angry, depressed and even revengeful among a wide range of other non-beneficial emotions. Trying to navigate a divorce case could actually cause huge mistakes in your future if you’re not careful. 

Hiring either one of the family law attorneys here at Sarieh Law Offices, ALC can benefit from working with a specialist in family law, certified by the State Bar of California. Our many years of experience, combined with our unwavering commitment to each of our clients create a supportive environment while you undergo this transformative, life-changing experience.

Division of Assets  

When going through a divorce, the division of assets process can be one of the most complicated matters you may face. It’s understandable—each party has contributed towards the wealth and wellbeing of each marriage, but when splitting it’s difficult to find common ground. Our attorneys work to help you through these issues in a mature, fair, and overall peaceful way so that you can move forward with each of your lives. 

Family Law Legal Services Available in Santa Ana, Ca  

If you’re ready to file for divorce or if you’ve had divorce papers served to you, hiring a family law attorney in Santa Ana, CA should be a top priority. Not only do these situations become overwhelmingly contentious, but they can change your life forever in a negative way if you don’t receive the right legal guidance.  Thankfully, Sarieh Law Offices, ALC offers free 30 minute consultations with our attorneys so that we can get to know each of our clients and their case details. If you would like to schedule your appointment, feel free to give us a call! Or, simply stop by our office which is conveniently located near the Santa Ana Triangle, near the Bowers Museum and Buffalo stop. To learn more, check out our Yelp reviews, Manta and BBB listings We look forward to meeting you and helping you move forward with your family law case! 

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